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A Few Unexpected Buffalo Surprises

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I recently bought a collection which was very diverse, but filled with a lot of ordinary stuff. I sold off much of what did not interest me, as I need to be building more collections like I need yet another hole in my head.


I have spent several weeks going through it, and of course started with the items which were of the greatest interest to me - these being Morgans and Peace dollars (not nearly enough of those), Walkers and Franklins, Washington Quarters (some very very nice BU coins from the 40's and 50's), dimes (too many to make cents(!) of, but some very nice BU Mercs) and I have now made my way to the Buffalo nickels.


Lo and behold, I have discovered:


1913 Variety I - BU - probably MS-63 or better as every head detail on the buffalo is full, including the shaggy hair.


1913 - Variety II - same as above


1920 - Same as above


1920-D - dag nabbit! The obverse is as good as the above, however the reverse, although showing a full and distinct horn, has enough wear on the shaggy hair to knock it down significantly from the others.


I'm a happy guy.

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Very nice Frank! Buffs are always great to find! Are you sure the 20-D has wear on the reverse and is not just weakly struck? I ask since you say the obverse is like the others (BU, I presume). Often on that issue, one side may be quite weakly struck but the coin has no wear.


Congrats! Hoot

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