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U.S. Mint is Conducting a Customer Survey

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I received a letter today informing me that the Mint (through an opinion research company) is conducting a survey "to identify how [it] can improve the products and services [it] offer." I can participate by phone or internet with an assigned "user name" and "password." I haven't looked into it yet; but, I assume that it's legitimate and not a scam. Has anyone else received this letter?


I don't buy a lot from the Mint -- one each of the annual mint, proof, and silver proof sets. I've never experienced a problem ordering from the Mint or receiving the products within a reasonable period of time (although I'm sometimes disappointed with the so-so condition of the coins in the mint sets). That's the extent of the feedback that I can provide. Judging by some comments on this forum, I suspect that other members -- who have dealt with the Mint far more than I -- might have other thoughts. Tell me what you would tell the Mint.

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I have a feeling that this type of survey is routinely sent to "occasional" customers, and is intended as an enticement to become more involved (buy more!).


I received a similar one about 5 years ago when I was making occasional Mint purchases as you are now. One of my suggestions was that they should start selling the canvas money bags since they no longer use them. Guess what! They started selling them about 2 years ago. So, it's not like the only thing they want from you is your money. They actually do read the suggestions. Now that I have about a dozen subscriptions (keeps me from forgetting), they never send me questionnaires.


I think if I were to reply to your survey, I would suggest that the Mint stop the practice of taking orders before a product is available. It has resulted in a lot of people getting irate because of all the delays. Sometimes the products are oversold as was the case with the USMC Commems. It will only hurt their image. Also, I would suggest that they begin selling UNC SAE's direct to the public. Why should we have to buy them from a middle-man?



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Tell them to quit the whole contracter thing. I never could understand why they contracted the ordering out.


Plus they need to improve coustomer service. I once literally spent 45 minutes in the black vortex of doom and eigth ring of Dantes inferno known as mint coustomer service. AKA satans spawn line. I talked to 5 people trying to get a refund and four of them couldn't speak english. Yes I'm sure your name is really Bob and let me guess for some odd reason you live in India and your friends call you mehasapetapetalon alicepeaolton but I will believe your name is bob. All four of the foreign folks were on a bad connection. I did get a hold of one american and technically two since he had to get a supervisor. Took him ten minutes to get the supervisor ( I'm sure he was getting the hot poker ready for my behind) . All the meanwhile i'm hearing to this automated voice of some women saying " the mint cares about you please stay on the line coustomer service is important to the us mint". If that was true than the buck or more like the rupee would have stopped with "Bob". frustrated.gif


When Ann Coulter was talking about the satans spawn convention she MUST have been at the US Mint's Christmas party. Christo_pull_hair.gif


Now then I'm going to go read her book Treason and watch some Neil cavuto. I will of course have some chamomile tea too just to calm down. Then maybe one or two golden nuggets from Neil Cavutos book your money or your life . Life is so good... and relaxing. it's really a perk of introversion. there is nothing better than spending time with yourself. cloud9.gif



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bulla bulla makepoint.gif


from their actions since i first dealt with them 35 years ago they do not give a rats about their customers let alone customer service


actions speak louder than words


they know the problems


get them fixed


do not pay some political hack to conduct surveYS on something the mint already knows

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Tell them to stop producing coins with designs that look like [embarrassing lack of self control].


Tell them that no real person has spaghetti for hair.


Tell them that they might as well mint coins incuse since the relief is so shallow already they might as well jump to the final conclusion.


Tell them to stop buying mailing lists from Krause publications when Krause doesn't even ask their subscribers first.

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