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Hi there

This is my first post to this forum, I have a problem so I am throwing it out to see if anyone can help me.


I have been collecting Pandas for a couple of years now and have aquired quite a collection.

Some coins are in simple PVC envelope type pockets, others are in direct fit holders. But some, and this is where my problem is, are in direct fit holders and also inside a sealed clear PVC pouch. In collecting Panda coins keeping them in these pouches does it add to the value of the coin or are the coins best taken out and the pouch thrown away. Christo_pull_hair.gif


I make beautiful wooden boxes to display my coins in, but the ones in the pouches cannot be kept in such boxes, and so are stored in ordinary carboard boxes, which is a real shame as they are such wonderful coins.


Could somebody answer my question as I am at my wits end. I cannot find any publications on the coins so I am really collecting in the dark. The little information I have I have found on the web, such as mintage amounts etc. Apart from that I dont know much about them at all. confused-smiley-013.gif


I hope msomebody can help me. I look forward to your replies

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Holders with PVC are never a good idea for long-term storage. Residues can leach out of the holders and adhere themselves to the surfaces of the coins they contain. This residue will first dull the surface, become thicker and green, and then lead to corrosion or staining of the surface of otherwise beautiful coins as the residue begins to eat through the surface.


The best way to preserve your collection would be to submit the coins to NCS to have the residues removed, then NCS can forward your collection to NGC. NGC holders provide the best method of long-term storage of your coins. The holders are impermeable to outside residue causing agents and are hermetically sealed. Sealed holders such as those provided through NGC will also prevent any harm that may occur due to off-gassing of the finishing chemicals used in wooden boxes.


For more information on NCS services, contact NCS Customer Service at 866-627-2646 or NCShelp@NCScoin.com


Chris, NCS

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