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Another lousy bogus eBay seller?

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You are bidding on a beautiful 1856 half cent coin.


Lucky me. yay.gif


This coin is in excellent condition. It has hardly any wear and tear.....I really do not know any thing about grading coins


I'm absolutely certain I'd take your word for it...given your experience. tonofbricks.gif


The heads side looks like a normal half cent, but the tails side is different.


I could say it looks like a Lincoln Cent too. Another words it's the same but different. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


It has the words "california gold"....I think it is copper, but I am not sure.


Makes sense to me. insane.gif


but this one really is exquisite.


See above about your "experience". yeahok.gif


Man, I LOVE eBay. stooges.gif



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I contacted the seller earlier today and told him his listing was in error. He was very pleasant, appreciative and ended the sale.


So I take it this coin will reappear on eBay with a 1-day auction, private bidder list, and the words R@RE & L@@K in the title. yeahok.gif

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Hello All! I'm brand new to the boards and this is my first post. I hope I do it correctly. Doesn't ebay have a rule about posting things accurately. I saw a seller on recently that lists his items as coins. When you get down to the fine print, you find out its a replica (in very "hidden" language). And the pictures included is too small to spot the word "copy". I'm not worried about myself being taken, but I do feel for the newbies just getting into collecting. He's a somewhat big seller and many of his items are listed this way. Is there any way to report this to ebay? I feel that the word copy should be somewhere in the listing title.

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You're slaying me........


Ebay...link for reporting violations...you have a GREAT sense of humour.....now about those wonderful proof Saints that are selling for $19.99 and that are loaded to weigh the same as a real Saint...Ebay does nothing to them just like they do nothing to the Trade-Dollar-resellers.

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