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Anyone know this seller.

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I wouldn't give him $50 for that collection.


I'm also not sure what shows he is going to if his collection only has last tier wannabe grading company slabs which are usually only on eBay.

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i wonder if he sold the chromosomes he's missing


what a dope


How can he sell what he can't spell?




PS. Greg, I thought SEGS was your favorite TPGS? 27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif

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i wonder if he sold the chromosomes he's missing



Good one McKinley, accept for the cola I must now remove from my screen. 893whatthe.gif


You gotta wonder about some guys, "1-sgs 1937 P lincoln red MS-70 W/paper work(68 @$14,500 )" starts out his list, right, I don’t know if you could get that cent in a PGCS MS64 slab, a ten dollar value by the way. But the dude did say he only kept what was properly graded… confused-smiley-013.gif




Lets just say this, if you would to teach a class on buying coins online, this auction would be the first lesson in the “where never ever to go chapter”. sumo.gif


If he's asking $3400 for lot, I would think a dealer had offered him alot less for the junk, so he's going to try the Ebay way which he hasn't sold many coins at.

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wow one coin worth 14,000 and you gwt the other thousand of coins for free


what a deal


i say go for it


and can you imagine if this collection is worth 50000 or more and he only keeps the best rare items what he must have in his personal collection??


and he wants to give someone a great deal


man i would go for it


then you can take the coins and sell them for 5 times at least what you paid for



sleezbay you gotta love it cloud9.gif

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