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I'm back! and a new Bust Half Dime for the set...

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Hi guys!

I'm sure you all have enjoyed my realitive absence over the past few weeks,but don't worry things will be back to normal soon. wink.gif

I've just been very busy with school and all,and when I do get on I usally don't have time to check the boards.Anyhow I just got a new computer along with a broadband connection so I no longer have to use the old "family" clunker. In other words guess who's going to be online 12/6? grin.gif


As some of you may recall from my "Birthday Coin" post back in late August I'm putting together a set of Bust Half Dimes in High end AU,preferably with colorfull original toning such as the 1835 I had posted( 1835 obv., 1835 rev. ) This piece is an ANACS AU-55,although I feel a grade of AU-58 would be more acceptable. What do you all think? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

Here's a piece I've had for a little while but am just getting around to posting. I know it's the common recut 7 variety along with being a Large 5c. But if Randy or anyone else, would like to assign an LM#,they're welcome. wink.gif Hopefully the pics are big enough,if not just hollar. ICG AU-55:


It has some nice lustor and the light blue toning is attractive(look better thank pics suggest) but if I can find a piece with better toning... devil.gif





PS By popular request the Cowaski has been retired... sorry.gif


Coffee anyone? takeit.gif

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I like it too. I like that 1835 even better.


The 1837 is an LM-1, R-1. Notice the 7 is repunched. On the reverse the raised bit by the 5 is supposedly where the flag of the 5 was repunched. I'm not sure how you would repunch just the flag, but that's what the book says. smile.gif


The 1837 is a bit tougher date to locate. That's a great catch.

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