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1807 Draped bust quarter, complete with planchet flaw! (LARGE image warning)

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Very nice of you James to share pics of such cool coins with us…


But it would be even nicer of you to share your coins with us. thumbsup2.gif You can start by sending that little gem to me. insane.gif

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((( Is that also a flaw running from the "s" in States and through "of"? )))


Jonathan, I congratulate you on being observant. Actually, that is not a planchet flaw, bit is rather a clashed die. If you imagine the reverse of the coin being upside-down, you'll see that it lines up with the lower edge of Liberty's bust.


Personally, I enjoy early coins with all their flaws and inconsistencies. The individual character of each coin is what makes collecting them both challenging and rewarding.


Can you imagine that every single one of these coins had to be manually weighed and inspected after striking? There's a certain hand-crafted quality about bust coins that you just can't get collecting coins of latter eras. It's like owning hand-made furniture, vs. the mass-produced compressed wood, laminated items so abundant today.



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