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Playing with the camera how do these pictures look?

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I think I may have finally figured out how to get pictures that are somewhat nice from my camera. Now what do yall think about these pictures? what could I do to improve them 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


















edited to change title!

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I think you've done a fine job on all except the 66 half. It's best if one can eliminate the light reflection from the coins surface by lighting them from an angle. Seems as if the lighting for the 66 was directly over the coin thus the bright harsh reflection.


Really like the 50 Jefferson!

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Very nice photos. Others have mentioned the light flare on the '66 Kennedy as undesirable. The rest are pretty pleasing.


Here's an article I wrote on Digital Coin Photography. Perhaps some hints will be of use to you:




If you decide to get into any macrophotography (e.g., photographs of dates only to show a variety) the article may be especially helpful.



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Thanks I didn't even notice the problem with the SMS half. Really I need to get a different light because I was using a halogen desk lamp. Anyone have suggestions for bulbs?


I may need to get a few lamps because I had a hard time getting the lighting just right.


Also thyanks for the compliment on the 1950 D I love that one. In person the obverse it is actually mark free and the colors are lighter and much better looking. I didnt't the the reverse because it isn't as nice colorwise. If only the reverse had the same colors. It is just more mellow and has a few marks.


The 68 half color didn't come out right. That streak of yellow you see is actually green and you see more of it as you rotate it.

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