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I couldnt resist the impulse....What do you think?

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Not only was I selling those in a Dutch auction for $19.95 about two weeks ago, that is one of the coins that I sold. I don't recall the seller buying it from me, but that insert number matches my submission.


If you would like a P mint for $20 postage paid in MS69RD, let me know. Or a roll of either P or D for $750 postage paid.


And it is without a doubt a 2005 coin.

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You're right. No returns. I guess I just learned a $20 lesson. I will keep the coin. Who knows, maybe someday I will get back what I paid. Otherwise, I will always have something in hand to remind me why I shouldnt follow an impulse.


Generally I only buy what I really like and collect. Proof Lincolns, Franklins, and the best nickels I can afford with my budget (for a 2003-2006 small set I am putting together.). All in all, it could be worse. It's still a nice coin. My only MS69.

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