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I am still new to submitting to NGC, and I recently submitted some gold crossovers and the results were posted today. Of the 11, 6 appeared to cross since they had numbers listed in the grade column, so I assume the others did not cross. Do you provide the reasons? If so are they written somewhere with the return shipment? Why don't they appear in the comment section on-line? Also, if a coin does not cross simply because the grade is too high, will you note the grade where it would have crossed? Thanks!

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You are correct. With regard to online submission status, where there are grades posted, the coins have crossed, and where there are not, they didn't.

When your coins arrive, you will see that the coins that did not cross will still be in their original holders, and they will have a sticker attached explaining the reason for not crossing.

One of two boxes will be checked off on the sticker:


1) This coin would most likely not be graded by NGC due to:...........

- if this box is checked it would most likely be followed by a typical NGC "No Grade" reason such as Cleaning, Artificial Toning, Artificial Color, etc....




2) This coin would most likely grade lower at NGC due to:.....................

-if this box is checked, NGC feels that the coin is gradable, simply at a lower grade. We will provide you with an explanation of why we feel this is the case - such as light bag marks, etc..


NGC does not provide you with the lower numerical grade your coin will cross at, but you may always specify that you are willing to accept a lower grade, and if we feel it will meet that grade, we'll go ahead and cross it over. Note that if you choose to accept a lower grade, PLEASE write those grades on your invoice, and hi-light those numbers. It is also a good idea to place a small sticker on the holders with the lower minimum grade specified.


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call Customer Service at (800) 642-2646


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