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GOLD!!! but i still think pre 1933 numismatic gold is better

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Pierre Lassonde is President of Newmont Mining, the world’s largest gold

producer. Recently he was interviewed by Bob Bishop of the Gold Mining Stock

Report. The interview was published on September 21st and in it he made two very

important observations.


"When you look at the amount of money that has been created, what I see is a

gold price that will have three zeros after the first number. But I don’t know

what that first number is going to be. Yes, over $1,000. Is it going to be in

the next year or two, I don’t think so, I think it is going to be a 5-8 bull

market that we have in front of us. So the place to be over the next 5-8 years

is hard assets. That’s what it is, gold, oil."


"This is a major, major secular trend that only happens once every two

generations. You get on it and just stay with it. That’s how you are going to

really make money."



Yes gold has been up the past couple of weeks and it's up again today, as of

this writing it is $469. Yes, coin prices have gone up, but the one thing we

would like you to keep in mind is that gold is considered ( by many of the

world's top experts) to be in a long term bull market for a number of reasons,

including the creation of hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air.

Sooner or later foreign countries are going to demand that we pay for our

commodities in something other than our ever fading dollar.

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Interesting commentary. A lot of commodities people feel that way except for agreement as to how high it'll eventually go.


As an aside, what if gold went to $800/oz again and common date MS63's and below $20 Libs and Saints didn't rise in price respectively; Would you break out the furnace and start the melting pot and drop in your lower grade and body bagged holdings? insane.gif


Decisions, decisions.... confused.gif


If the above happens, I think we'll all be witness to the great gold melt of the 21st century! Wow, just think, no common date Saints graded below MS 64! 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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I do not think that this market is about to allow generic Saints to be priced below melt. I would be extremely surprised if this happens. Also, I think a instant Bull Market on Saints would gobble up any supply of TPG-MS Saints priced at close to melt. I would sell the farm to buy them, unless melt prices were crashing.

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