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Help me grade these 3 Wheat Pennnies Please

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I have just started collection coins about three months ago. Recentley, I ordered a 1/2 lb hoard of au-bu pennies. While searching through the batch, my eye was caught by these three coins. This was the biggest sized scan i could get and i wanted to know the following questions:


- "What would you grade these coins?"

- "Why did you give the grade you did?"

- "How did the bumps on the 1943-s steel cent occur and is this common?"

Last, - "Is the line in my 1943-s steel cent a 'Struck-Through Error' or something else?"


Thanks for taking the time to help me out. All answers appericiated.


Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the picture:




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Jay welcome to collecting....


1943 S - Grades Net XF 45 - Lamination - Environmental Damage.... Possibly a fire... Value $1.00 Max


1958 D - MS 63 - Weak strike and not the greatest luster and a few hits keep this from going higher... Value 50 cents Max


1916 S - VF 35 - A good bit of detail on the coin... Some wear on the stalks of wheat(lower parts) but complete lines(upper parts).. and in Lincoln's hair. but not too many hits.... Value $5.00


Hope this helps and welcome to the boards

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1943-S: The coin has been reprocessed. Basically, someone put a new coat of something that is supposed to look like the original finish to the coin. It kills the value - not that there was much value to begin with as these are common. The mark on the reverse looks like a struck thru or planchet lamination. However, it might be damage. It's hard to tell from the picture. Grade of EF45 as it shows significant wear on Lincoln and the wheat stalks.


1958-D: Grade of AU58. Shows some light wear on the high points. If it were unc, it'd go MS62 (MS63 at best).


1916-S: Grade of VF20. Wheat stalks are full, but slightly weak. Same with detail on Lincoln's face.

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