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Proof set submission

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I am new to coin collecting as i have just started sever months ago. After visiting the Philly mint on a vacation, i was inspired to collect coins. I recentley ordered 2 silver proof set and started watching the coin channels. After learning about slabbed coins and coin grading, i started wondering if i should grade my proof set.


My question is: "Would there be a long term benifit for grading these coins?"

If So, "What are the chances that they would gradde pf-69 or pf-70?"



- Jonathan

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"Would there be a long term benifit for grading these coins?"


It would probably only matter if they graded proof 70 and even then the time,expense and hassel would probably not be worth it. As far as the numbers go I think Greg has numbers that sound about accurate.


I would also like to point out that the "coin channels" you talk about are the shop at home type shows that sell coins correct? If so I hope you understand that the prices on these shows are probably 99% of the time highly inflated therefor it gives the appearance that slabbing moderns may be worth the time and effort. However in my opinion slabbing moderns is best left up to bulk submitters. These folks are the ones who most often make the proof 70's which are the really only reason I can think of to slab modern proof coins.

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Yes i do know that the coin channels are heavily inflated, but i watch just to learn a little bit more about coins.


How much would slabbing a 2005 proof set cost? Also, what is the "hassel" in regards to?

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