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one sexy mamma jamma this $ sign mm variety and# repunched in dentils below date

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pcgs ms65 1875-s twenty center and definately in hand sight seen a liner ms66 coin blush.gif


an 1875-s twenty cent piece and a really scarce variety but since few to no one 893whatthe.gif collects them by varities who cares insane.gif


this twenty cent piece in person has killer lustre has never been dipped or secondary retoned and has wild color with booming lustre coming through the color 893applaud-thumb.gif unfortunately the scan is not like the coin looks sight seen in person but this is all we gots on here devil.gif


it is quite an unusual coin as there is an errant 5/7 just below the 7 in the date on the obverse punched into the dentils as is the case with this particiular variety and also on the reverse a crooked slanting s mintmark was punched into the die and corrected and so you can see the top and bottom two serifs without the aid of a glass i might add so the s mintmark looks like a $ sign also there is a fantastic die crack circleing the reverse outside lettering of the coin 360 degrees and with these three charactics of this coin


repunched s mintmark

errant 5/7 punched into the dentils below the 7 in the date

die crack rather large going around the outer petruity of the reverse


and all seen with the nakked eye when coin is in hand makes this coin the most rare interesting variety currently known in this fantasitc yet short series of odd demonination coins



now what i find so facinating about this particiular three part variety that is usually when see the coin is mostly fully struck 893whatthe.gif


and this particiular coin and the scans are good but not like in hand sight seen the stars on this coin are totally fully defined and struck and on most all graded even ms 65 pcgs/ngc coins the stars on the right side top are usually not fully struck!!


this coin almost has a full strike on the top of miss libs hair and the eagles dexter wing this and the complete fully struck stars make this coin truly rare and exceptional for a gem 1875-s twenty center and these coins in my minds eye are not the common generc type date of the twenty cent series when they



have the originality and color and never been dipped like this coin


the rarer variety of this coin


and the full stars and basically full strike of miss liberty and eagle's dexter wing and breast feathers

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you would be shocked to see but thanks fopr the kind words hoot from your articles in coin values and now your on a regular basis monthly coin articles you are an advanced numismatist in many areas of usa federal coindum thumbsup2.gif


oh and alos the great buff article a few months ago in coin world weekly mag 893applaud-thumb.gif


you not only talk the talk you walk the walk too and have maNY publishing kudos to prove it


youtr writing style and grammer is superb in the articles too hail.gif clean clear and you get your point across in the written word superbly!!


that is the key thumbsup2.gif the only defination of civilization the written word

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i also got to get more photos taken as for some reason i cant do it for myself 893whatthe.gif


well no one ever accused me of being smart or short winded


never ask me if you see me on the street what time it is


i will tell you how to build the watch cloud9.gif

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