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Truth walks the long, lonely coin road, Part Three

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I quickly stepped back as the old man turned ever so slowly, closing the large door behind him. Had I made a mistake? Should I have entered? The rambunctious pup squirmed out of my arms and made a dash for the highway. I ran after him. It had a good lead and I was about to loose him from sight when he sat gingerly on the black asphalt road, as if it were telling me to follow. The lights of the PCGS flickered in the background, reflecting off the pavement. So I proceeded into the darkness. Again, only the white lines of the highway to guide me along, and my little pup friend who led me ahead. We walked for what seemed hours, fog shrouded the countryside. No cars, no life. The excited pup scampered ahead and began to bark, yelp. It had found something. I chased it up to an old fence just off the highway, partially hung, made of old wood and nails. The pup yelped and growled, wanting to play, or rather excited that I have found the sideroad, a road less travelled. Off in the eastern sky, I could see a glimmer of the morning sun rising in the distance. It must have been hours since I found myself awake, the town long since gone in the distance. I gently pushed the fence open and the dog scampered up the dirt road, over the small hill. I followed. The road was a mix of mud and rock, my shoes had become dirty and grimey, but I continued. I reached the apex of the hill, and saw a quaint little white shack not too far down the path. I could see the black pup in contrast against the solid white door of the shack, it lay on a carpet beneath the awning. What a beautiful sight, the rising sun shown brightly on the small white building, with a warm golden glow. I went the final few steps to the front door, a lovely hand carved angel adorned the framework. On the facade read, in plain lettering, "NGC". The dog yelped again, as if proud that we had found this place. I knocked on the door, and a lovely young lady came to the door, her face pleasing to glance upon, her voice, a light husky tone, pleasing to the ears, "we knew you would come, we hoped you wound follow the road, the lonely coin road to our door. My name is Dena." She smiled ever so humbly, I knew I had found a special place. In a timid voice, I said, "I almost went into that brightly lit building way down the road, the one that read "PCGS", but I knew something wasn't right, and the black pup convinced me not to enter. Do you by chance know the place? Know the old man with the initials DH?" Dena replied, again in a humble and quiet tone,"Yes, we know all too well that building, the horrors that happen behind the door. Many a man has succumbed to their temptations, the pleasures are fleeting, the payment is unbearable. I am glad you are here and were not tempted." The black pup raced into the shack, the humble building, and jumped onto an old, comfortable chair. I had found the place for me, at NGC. I turned toward Dena as I crossed the thresold, and asked ever so politely, "Who is DH?" She retorted," it's not a he, it's a what, the Depths of Hell".




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