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Truth walks the long, lonely coin road, Part Two

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Something in my heart told me to walk a little faster, toward the edge of town, away from the lights. After a mile or two, my breath began chill, and I felt cold and clammy. The sidewalks were no longer, only the blackness of ashalt illuminated by the intense moonlight as I followed the white center lines of the highway. I heard the noise, the lighthearted clammor of many, many voices. Some were cheerful, others where seemingly remorseful, but they were still far away. I squinted my eyes and cleared my glasses, a faint light appeared in the distance. My pace quickened a bit, for I knew this was the place. As I drew near, I noticed on the highway discarded cans, broken bottles, newspaper pages, cracked clear plastic bits scattered about, with no pattern, as if tossed by passing cars. The trash became unsettling. It appeared no one cared about this part of town. Forgotton maybe? Or possibly unkept? Or possibly unvisited. I began to notice all sorts of domesticated animals wandering about, unleashed dogs and cats. They crossed my path, with wary eyes, some as if daring me to pass by them. The light began to draw even closer as I quickened my step. Now an outline of a tall, brick building was visable with many several lights shown through the fog. A tall, gayly lit sign with brightly color bulbs cut through the fog. It read "PCGS". For some reason, those letters meant something to me, I could not remember, nor recall what they stood for, but it was something I had to find out. Now the voices were clear and distinct. Men and women, cheerful one moment, in agony the next. Voices screaming with glee, only to be silenced with ones of pain and anguish. As the building came to be a few steps from me, one of the meandering dogs brushed up beside me, a cute pup, almost resembling a tiny Bear, with bright, wide eyes, brown furry coat, pointed ears. It mimicked my step and followed my pace. So cute, I had to pick it up and coddle the shivering creature. It grasped me firmly, and would not let go. I held it in my arms and carried the pup toward the building. The lights shown on my face, brilliant, as if from a carnivel. I could see people in the window, dancing in one room, crying in sorrow in another. On the door again read the letters "PCGS" in bright, blood red, what did it mean? My curiosity had to be quashed. I banged on the door, every so loudly. Banged again. The creaky, solid wood door opened slowly. A sickly old man, peppered black hair, with a gaunt face spoke from aside."What's with you boy!", he exclaimed. "What brings you here?" He was dressed in a black three piece suit, a size too small, with shoes that appeared to have been worn for many a year. Boldly emboidered on his lapel were the initials 'DH'. Those initials meant something, but I could not remember. "I am here, I came here to visit........", I retorted but could not finish the sentence, for I knew not why I had come. The tiny pup began to squirm, I held it firm. The man continued, "You may come in, we expected you some time ago. You know, we want many folks just like you to visit this place. It can bring you pleasure, for a price." The pup began to tug at my collar, as if to warn me about something unseen, something beyond the doorway. Again, I held it firm."So I may come in?" I inquired. The pup began to yelp. The old man, with a impatient glare, "yes, yes, come in, come in now, cross the threshold and enter, BUT without the dog." With a puzzled face, I stared in his hollow eyes. "We can't have animals in this place, animals are of no concern, they have no worth here." I exclaimed, "this pup can't hurt you, see....", I held the dog within inches of his face. The man turned in horror, as if seeing the TRUTH confront him for the first time. "Get that creature from my sight, we want you, not the dog, you may enter, but without it.", his eyes became red, glowing with a hellish tint. I began to panic. I stepped back, almost falling off the entranceway. The pup was squirming uncontrolably. Fear told me to go.


Part Three later



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