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Coin Show Reports - White Plains, NY and Parsippany, NJ

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I went to White Plains and Parsippany this weekend. Both shows were about 80 dealers.


On Saturday, I thought that floor traffic was about the same as the last White Plains show in January. (It's in a smaller space in October and April, so the floor seemed a bit crowded.) There were a few dealers missing - they were at other shows, I understand.


I saw some major colonial coins! I saw TWO Pine Tree and ONE Oak Tree shillings! All three were PCGS slabbed. I confess that I didn't notice the grades, except that the coins were nice. I've never seen these coins in person before and really didn't expect to see them at White Plains! I also saw two Bechtler $5s, two Gold Rush-ers $50 slugs, one $20 Assay Office (MS-61) and many colonial coppers, including a Bar Copper! Tom Hyland had both a Feuchtwanger cent and a really pretty PCGS-64 Virginia half penny (as well as some rather pretty toned Morgans). I also saw a really nice 1839-O quarter eagle in an old NGC slab. The dealer said he was going to resubmit it, as he thought it would upgrade (by 15-20 grading points!)


Parsippany seemed a little light on Sunday - there were perhaps three empty tables. Floor traffic was also a little lighter - I didn't have to fight my way down the aisles like I have had to the last couple of months. Many of the dealers who were at White Plains on Saturday were in Parsippany on Sunday. The one coin that I saw that sticks in my mind was an NGC-40 1802 silver dollar - nice coin!


I didn't buy anything, although I saw a coin or two that I considered - perhaps if they're still there next month. . .

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Hi Dave,


Do you feel like your cheating by posting here? wink.gif


About the 1802 dollar, how nice was it? I.e., originality, accuracy for the grade, luster and price?






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Actually, I have a little more time now and can post on both boards, although I must say that it's a lot quieter "across the street" than it used to be.


I have to confess that I didn't take a close look at the 1802, however. (I wanted it, but wasn't carrying enough to buy it, so I didn't want to tortue myself!)


Seen in the case, though, it looked reasonably original - a nice, medium gray in color. It it's there next month, I'll take a better look at it.

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Cool! I really need to get myself back to pasippany again! One of these months I may actually get the day off! mad.gif Thanks for the report smile.gif

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