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A Coin Cookout and a Few Circulated Half Dollar Images

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This past weekend a very good friend of mine and his wife drove a few hundred miles to spend the day with me, my wife and our 19-month old daughter. We had a great day, the weather was terrific and we grilled fillet mignon on the deck. Afterwards, we had a private coin show with numerous coins that had been pulled from safe deposit boxes to be shared.


Since the coins were now home with me, I decided to use my Nikon D70 and take some quick pictures before they were returned to the bank. The lighting is pretty good on the images and the coins look very close to how they look in-hand, however, they are a bit more grey and somewhat more matte-like in-hand than the images suggest. After taking all the shots I noticed that I had taken out quite a few circulated halves to share. Please note that I have many more coins imaged on my site, if you would like to see other denominations, and there are no coins for sale on my site, so it isn't spamming.


I apologize for including so many images here, it's just that I loaded them onto my site tonight and thought I would share them. Enjoy!










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Each image made me a little faint and my scroll finger kept slipping off my mouse. insane.gif


What a line up! May I do a Demi? (Sorry EVP.) hi.gif



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Tom B-------Very, Very Nice----Not much else to say----Very, Very Nice-----Is that the same 1921 Walker that you showed me when I first came onto the NGC boards?? Sure looks like it. All of them---Just lovely. Bob [supertooth]

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone! smile.gif


Bob, this is in fact the 1921 WLH that you had previously seen, but this is the first image outside of a scan that I have ever had of the coin.


The coins shown here represent about eight years of searching, with only one or two nice coins like this added each year. These pieces "live" with a few type quarters and dollars to keep them company.

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Tom B-----I thought that was the one. Your 1921 and the one that I have are 2 of the three that I have seen in the last 6+ years----at that grade level. The third was a PCGS in VF30 that had been soap and water washed IMHO. There are a few messed with coins around but not many originals. And, it would seem, getting fewer and fewer all the time. There are those that say that more will become available as the next years go by but I think only death will bring most of this quality coin onto "any" market. Those that know hold onto such pieces just like you and I are holding onto ours. My Ebay purchases have continued to dwindle. Not for a lack of me wanting to buy but because I rarely see an "early" Walker worth buying anymore that isn"t into the thousands of dollars for the MS coins. I would not want to be starting my set at this particular time. You could do it but you would need a lot of money and a lot more time. I see virtually no quality "early" Walkers at the Balto. shows. I think the dealers trade these among themselves on Thurs.----if there are any available. By the time I get to look on Friday----if they were there, they are already gone. Oh Well. And, sadly, probably a few have been lost forever this past week. Bob [supertooth]

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