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i'm looking for someone to make a token for me...

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i know a guy here in town that loves the tokens, he must have an example from every store here that used to use them.. his birthday is coming up and i'd love to get him one made for his store.

i guess i'd either have to design it, or maybe just send some ideas, or drawings to someone that'd do this... i've seen some places online, but i want to make sure it's the right guy.. stunning quality, easy to work with, fair price... the usual wink.gif


whataya think .. i have til november.. is anyone familiar with this stuff

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Coin World just had a series of two articles which reviewed every private mint which could oblige your request. Try to access those two issues (just a couple of weeks back or so) or try to locate them yourself so that you could shop around.


Or, Thomas Rogers, former engraver of the US Mint, does consignments. However, I'm sure that it would be too pricey for your intentions but his name would lend beaucoup prestige to your token.






The standard price that I quote all the organizations that order from me:

1000 39mm brass medals, finished in silver-plate, gold-plate, or antique bronze .........$7,950.

Each come encased in a protective plastic capsule, with a Certificate

of Authenticity.

This is the standard, first-time order, starting from scratch. (Inherent costs for design, plaster models, dies,shipping, all have to be included in the price) As with anything mass-produced, the more that are made, the less expensive each one becomes. Normally, organizations sell the finished medals for $15-$16, and double their investment.

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