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A Couple Newbie Questions

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While I do have a Washington Registry set on the other side of the street. I started thinking maybe I should list a Walker set on this side of the street. I apologize if these have been answered a hundred times before. I have been fighting with your search feature and haven't been very succesful.


1.)I am an NGC member only through my ANA membership. Do I have to pay the $99 and join the Collectors Society in order to participate in the NGC Registry?


2.)Am I correct that you can not view people's sets without being a member? I had wanted to see how mine might stack up before going through entering it all first.


3.)NGC coins of course and I find it very interesting that you also allow PCGS coins to be listed also. Very intelligent, I applaud you. Is there any limit on the number or percentage of PCGS? My Walkers are about 50-50 NGC-PCGS.


4.)On the other side when your set reaches a certain percentage of completion you get some freebies within that series for upgrades or moving coins say out of ANACS holders... Does NGC offer a similar Registry benefit? I do have a few ANACS coins in my Walkers.


Thanks for any help you all can give me. 893crossfingers-thumb.gif

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Hello Kurt,


1) You do not have to pay the $99 fee to participate in the registry. There are some additional features (like oiut certification number lookup and NumisMedia pricing on your coins) that become available once you pay, but they're not necessary to participate. Here are some details on joining:





2) You absolutely can view the sets in the registry without being a member. Just click on a category and find the sets you're interested in:




There are also many ways to view sets including most recently modified, most viewed, members with the highest point totals across all sets, etc. You'll find all of those links on the above web page.



3) There is no limit on the percentage of PCGS coins.



4) We currently don't have any bonuses for set completion. We do have annual awards for our sets. It's an interesting idea, though. I'll pass it along. If you DO join the Collectors' Society and pay the $99 fee, you will get free submission coupons that basically pay for the membership along with the ability to submit coins directly to NGC and the other paid features of the site.



There is some good information about new features that have been added, and a nice flash based demo of some of our features on this page:




The demo is here, and requires sound:



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