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2003P Dime

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Yes it does look strange in the pics, and I have seen dimes that have weird surfaces somewhat like this; but not as much as yours. I always thought that it was just wear on the die or something like that but perhaps a board member more knowledgeable in the striking of coins could clue us in as to what exactly causes this to happen.

I don't think it's a rarity or commands any premium over a normal piece because they seem to be pretty common just from what I've found in my change.



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I like that picture - the airplane . What is it doing? Is the white stuff where it's breaking the sound barrier or something?


Thanks, Chris(cpm9ball) e-mailed this and several other pictures of military aircraft to me because I often post pics like this in my sig. line. You can only see the vapor cloud right when the aircraft is breaking the sound barrier but it's a very neat affect.


Here's another picture of one of "my" birds,it's not airborne but still is a beauty:




-Hayden AKA Tubby

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