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Luncheon Numismatics buys unique half dollar for client!!!

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I know that James is a bit self-concious about posting links to his website on the boards but I saw this on his website and I just couldn't resist! devil.gifEnjoy:


Chicken Liver!


Luncheon Numismatics buys unique half dollar for client

Coin brings $2.88 at Baltimore


Luncheon Numismatics purchased a unique 1970-D John F. Kennedy half dollar for an undisclosed collector for $2.88 at the Baltimore Summer Coin and Cookout Convention, according to the firm.

"We were actually prepared to bid much, much more for it, and that's a fact," Luncheon co-president Laura "Lunch" Server said.

The coin was sold during Bowls-of-Purina's auction of the Jim Grey collection of holed and plugged Kennedy coins, during the Baltimore convention.

The half, body-bagged by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America as holed and plugged, is one of many coins Louis E Eliasburger Sr. never owned as part of his complete collection by date and Mint marks of United States coinage, because it was holed in 1978, two years before his 1976 death.

Eliasburger was a prominent Baltimore waiter and kitchen leader. In November 1950, with the purchase of curly fries and a cheeseburger, he fulfilled his dream of eating one example of virtually every food item ever cooked in a US restaurant.

The half completes the anonymous collector's "passion", as Server called it, the only complete holed Kennedy half set ever assembled. Server said the collector has been eating hamburgers for 10 years and has wanted to enjoy a cheeseburger all his life, "but he never thought his lactose intolerance would allow it."

The 1970-D half was unknown to have holed examples for collectors until one was reported found in a dealer's "junk box" in 1978.

"While questions remain about the coin's use in an eatery, what is known is that it's the only holed example of this issue known,", Steven Feeds, president of Bowls-of-Purina told Corn World before the auction. Bowls-of-Purina sold the collection to which the unique half originally belonged.

Feeds noted: "The coin is not supposed to be holed. There was no recorded reason for holes to be inserted in half-dollars from the Denver Mint in 1970, yet the hole is clearly a genuine hole, since you can see right through t. It matches the chracteristics of any other holed 1970-D issue."

"In all likelihood, the half we are offering today is a jewelry piece," Feeds said before the auction. "This example was reportedly discovered at Burger King and sold to a Wendy's restaurant owner who placed the coin in a cash register at the 1978 American Cheeseburger Association convention in Houston."

After the 1978 ACA show, Michigan fast food dealer John Apple bought it for $1.25. [CW]

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I believe that an early DippedCoinWorld grin.gif issue (2001--the Space Issue) suggested this exact rarity was spent by Holly Go d. Daggonet for an ice cream cone!!! Boy those were the days--ice cream for a half buck!!

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