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My wife played a big role in the distribution of the Redfield hoard!

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We were on vacation last week, and I was reading some interesting facts to her about LaVere Redfield and his eccentricities. I got to a section that talked about the estate sale of the coins to A-Mark, and she asked was that about the company "A-Mark" and Steve Markoff?


Earlier in our lives she was a legal secretary (pre-kids), and she happened to be working for the attorney who represented A-Mark during the time when the Redfield hoard was up for sale by Redfield's estate. It turns out my wife drew up most of the papers having to do with the purchase, and also was involved in some of the subsequent lawsuits that were brought by A-Mark and by others against A-Mark. Small world!


One of the suits that was brought ended up going to trial, and it was my wife's boss's first big victory in court. It was the first step in that attorney's career that culminated in a job as the Chairman of the SEC and then as a senior partner in one of the country's largest law firms.

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I'm a huge Redfield fan....what were you reading ??


There is a several page write up in the Van Allen/Mallis book, "A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of the Morgan and Peace Dollars". It's a must for Morgan/Peace collectors! Also, Wayne Miller's "Morgan and Peace Dollar Textbook" has info on the Redfield hoard.

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superlative information


thanks for sharing it!


as always when large sums of money are involved and the potential for huge profits there are always many lawsuits!



the ONLY persons/companies who DO NOT get sued are the really guilty! with no money.....................lol


sincerely michael

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