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What is the Best Way to Store Coins?

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I was upset to find that over the last couple of months, most of my slabbed silver eagles started to develop white spots confused.gif . I live in Boston and we have had a few spells of hot and humid weather over this time. I stored them in the plastic PCGS boxes with some dessicant packs, and then placed in the closet. My other precious metal eagles were not affected - thank goodness!


To avoid this problem, I have purchased the intercept shield boxes. I did not have any high expectations for them and was pleasantly surprised when I received them. The cardboard is durable and the slabs fit perfectly in the boxes. Of course they do not look good in the boxes, but they can easily be removed for viewing. I have then placed the intercept shield boxes into military ammo canisters with a few dessicant packets. They are back in the closet.


Is this an adequate way to store the coins or is there a better way? I hope removing the humidity will do the trick in the summer, as our apartment does not have central air.


Has anyone had any experience with these intercept shield boxes? Do they really provide another level of protection or is this just hype? I figured it was worth about $12 per 10 to try.

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Storing the coins in an airtight box is a good idea. Perhaps place a dessicant or some of the silicone moisture absorbing gel packs in as well. Information on the intercept boxes is available from the distributor. The e-mail is Info@Interceptshield.com or call at 1-908-781 6162.

Sincerely, Ken.

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Hi DBN - I also use IS boxes for my graded coins. Truthfully, I have no idea if they make a difference, partly because I live in the northern Rockies where the air is generally dry and cool. But I tend to rely somewhat on technological know-how, so I continue to make IS my preferred method of storage. I also like the make of the boxes and the ease of viewing a coin.


I don't know if your dessicant packs have a colored tab that changes colors when it needs cooking, but I know that Amos Advantage sells those.



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