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What does this mean on a NGC holder?

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At one time NGC would put the "T" on the insert for a toned coin. The coin pictured does not seem to fall into that category!! confused.gifgrin.gif

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At the time NGC started doing this, they had "T" for Toned coins and "W" for White coins. So everything that they could not designate as "W" got a "T." foreheadslap.gif That coin probably has a spot or a touch of color somewhere that voided the "W" designation. I think, for obvious reasons, they quickly dropped the "T" designation, while the "W" lingered for a while until it fell out of popularity.

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it stands for toned




the most important thing to remember my coin sweet is that


it is a machenical error errors do happen when slabbing tens of thousands of coins a month and what happened with this coin is that it was given a w designation for white but there was an error and it slipped through the system with a t instead of a w designation


this happens all the time just like with the bureau of printing and engraving they make error notes that are double demonination ink smears blank backs mis matched serial numbers and the likes you see star replacement notes all the time of the errors that get caught



just like the surgeon at the local hospital amputates the wrong leg 893applaud-thumb.gif



[embarrasing lack of self control] happens and [embarrasing lack of self control] stinks


a minor mechanical error for this coin thumbsup2.gif yes 893applaud-thumb.gif yes thumbsup2.gif as clearly it is a monster blast white coin not in the least bit toned even from a blind mans point of view 893whatthe.gif

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