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How much..........

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.....of your collecting budget would you spend to upgrade a key coin from AU58 to Top Pop one, none finer? Two coins that look the same, have the same eye appeal and about the same marks but one has noticeable high point rub. For the purpose of this example, assume it's the key coin in the set, very low pops in all grades and that the price difference is substantial.


Would you spend....


One month's budget

Six month's budget

One year's budget







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Unless it were for investment/resale reasons, I wouldn't pay much at all. Maybe a 20% premium.


If I didn't like the coin a lot more, then I wouldn't do it at all. I'm collecting for myself and competing against myself, so upgrading just to upgrade means nothing to me.

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It would depend upon if the set was completed or close to being complete. If the set were not complete or close to it, I probably would not spend money on upgrading. On the other hand if the set were complete already and I really liked the coin, I would spend up to two month's budget.




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None. Many AU58 coins are wonderful for characteristics that the MS coins of the same series lack. I am still kicking myself for passing a bid on an AU58 1926-S buffalo that was better struck, had more lustre and was more original than most of the MS coins of that issue I've ever seen. If I am intentional about the purchase, then having a coin that is less than pop-top means little to me in terms of the competition, both internally and externally. Just have a look at my 1925-S buff. A coin I will never have the compunction to upgrade, as it's nearly unbeatable in my way of considering the issue.



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