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New York Inv. Coin Show

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Wow, what a show. I just got back from it the other day, and I am wishing I was still down there. I arrived in the city on Wednesday and had plenty of time to preview Heritage's auction. After looking through a couple hundred gorgeous coins, I got up and started looking at a display for one of their upcoming auctions. In it were some of the best $20 Saints known. One of the guys at Heritage asked if I wanted a better look, which I did not turn down. I pointed to one coin, a 1907 $20 Ultra High Relief Lettered Edge PR 69 893whatthe.gif by PCGS. I didn't know the exact value of the coin of the top of my head, so I was jokin aroudn with the guy, and was like, "what's this going to go for a couple hundred thousand?". He todl me that they had it insured for $2.5 million. They even needed to get a security guard to watch over me while viewing the coin. Wow, what a coin! Absolutely beautiful. I also previed a gorgeous 1933 Indian $10, other proof saints and high end saints. After Heritages preview, I made my way over to the ANR preview. The Cardinal collection was phenonemal, as well as the Southern Gentlemen's collection of U.S. Gold. Pictures did none of the coins justice. That night I won 2 lots in their auction, a 1909s VDB 1c in F-15 by PCGS and an 1887 10c MS 64 by PCGS with nice reverse toning.


The next day I went to the actual show. I casually walked around for the first hour or so, until I stopped by one table, I forget whose it was. But I asked the man where the Brasher duobloon was. He pointed behind me to a display. I spent the next fifteen mins. or so just looking at it. I would not mind having that beauty in my collection. The show was very high end (or at least I thought it was). Many early gold coins, proof morgans, a $4 stella, high grade everything, and some pretty IHC proofs (BN). The premium on the toned coinage was insane. One guy was asking $2000 for a 1881 PR 66 BN IHC. It was gorgeous, but that is a big premium for color. I only made one purchase during the show. Nothing special, just an 1908-s IHC VF 30 by PCGS.


It seemed as if the bourse was fairly crowded throughout the day. I spent several hours there. I sold a couple coins, and seemed like David Lawrence was by far the highest bidder (I have noticed this several times before). I saw a few of the jerk dealers from the Hartford show, and simply ignored them while proceeding to the next table to take a long look at teh inventory. Oh yea, I signed up for the ANA and the guy introduced me to a lot of people, including John Albanese, Laura Sperber (what a friendly lady yeahok.gif), Douglas Winter, etc. I had a great time at teh show. Many dealers said they were impressed with the turnout as well!




SOrry for the rant. sign-rantpost.gif

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Hey Nick,


Nice job on the show report ! It looks like you really enjoyed yourself and got to see alot of neat coins. I would of liked to have gone myself, but couldn't due to work constraints....tks,KEN

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