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I'm new here. Can I get a tour?

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Not sure about the smiley. smile.gif But the UBB Code is basically the board software's html equivalent. Doing things like images and Urls are given UBB Codes instead of you coding the html directly.


Welcome aboard, btw. I've been here for a while off and on but with all the nonsense over the last few months, I think I'm just going to be here now.


Edit: Nonsense across the street, that is.

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Welcom, CCU. It beats the snot out of me (not a very pleasant visual) what the UBB Code is, however, everything seems to work fine once you get used to it.


Many of the same folks post here and at PCGS, though the boards definitely have a different feel to them.

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Definitely, CCU, stay awhile.




I just read a funny joke in a "Highlights" yesterday.


What did Tennessee?


The same thing that Arkansas.



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Haven't heard that one before. Really! Of course, I like the Simpsons' sign for Tennessee:


Tennesseean is Tennebelievin'!

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Welcome to the boards, CCU! Feel free to ask as many questions as you need.......just don't ask me because I'm an insufficiently_thoughtful_person.



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Welcome to the board. It also beats me what UBB Code is. However, if you click Reply instead of using the Quick Reply window at the bottom of the thread, you can include lots of neat things. Like color fonts, add a URL, italics

  • A List
  • For fun
  • or pleasure.




and include an image in the message as opposed to an attachment.


Hope this explains some of how the board works. I am new here too and just learning the ropes. laugh.gif

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