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set rankings***********

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regardless if you like it or not someone has to be #1and #2 and so on and personally i think the #1 set should be also the one with the most value too as ranking and value SHOULD go hand in hand....please dont say if you had your choice of a set being given to you youd take the cheaper set ( DUH )....however the present system is very flawed because thats the way it is now....here is my point


a collector doing a morgan year set vrs a collector doing a date and mint mark


lets go immediately to the year 1893...the date set collector has a p mint in 67 worth 10,000...the date and mint makr collector has a s mint in 67 worth a 1,000,000....yet both get the same # of points


take commems...a 33-d oregon in 68* gets the same # of points as 37-d oregon in 68* yet the 33-d is worth 10 times the 37-d


your thoughts about changing the system


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