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Any help
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If someone can help me out figuring what this coin is made out of would be highly valued and appreciated person to me. I got it in Pocket change so I know nothing about it other than it looks like a nickel but it's a copper.. 2012 p Liberty. I do have a scant collection of coins, mostly errors, but I thought this was a premium error, many apologies.





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  Welcome to the NGC chat board.  

  U.S. five cent pieces, commonly known as "nickels", are composed of an alloy of 75% copper, 25% nickel. The 2012-P nickel with a reddish color was buried in the ground or otherwise exposed to environmental conditions that caused a chemical reaction that resulted in this discoloration, commonly referred to as "corrosion". This appearance is commonly encountered by those familiar with copper-nickel coins, especially older ones. Such coins are undesirable to knowledgeable collectors.

  The coin is worth its face value of five cents. Only an ignorant person would pay a premium for it, and this would be based on your misrepresentation that it is somehow worth a premium.  Don't do it!

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Welcome to the Chat Box

It is just an ordinary nickel that has been discoloured by some sort of environmental  toning.  
Not uncommon and worth 5 cents.

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The 2012 nickel appears to be suffering from environmental damage and would have no added premium above $0.05. If an actual error, the weight should very from that of a typical nickel.

Please, please do not try to take advantage of others by selling this damaged coin. Just stop.

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We get quite a number of posters on here who have a coin like yours with damage and attempt to sell them as an ultra rare error. That is why you are getting the type of responses on here that have been coming from members. We have seen it before. We just don't want to see people doing it because it is ruining the hobby, especially for newcomers who eventually find out they spent tons on a worthless coin. 

Being you said you thought this was a premium error has us wondering when you said you have other errors. We now doubt those as well. Perhaps you would want to share the pics of those on here as well so we could determine if they truly are errors or if they are more of coins like the one in this post.

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