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The pencil behind ABE's ear die crack-
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Found in a roll of cents-1989-D cent. The material is raised-from the ear to the rim under the letter 'T'-best photos for now--Spike head? thanks







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I believe that JP is correct that looks to be a long linear plating bubble.   I guess there are some people that are willing to part with their hard-earned money for something as minor as a die crack with a cutesy name like spike head, I sure am glad that I am not among them.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Being that the "spike" you are speaking of in the closeups you provided (which are good photos for your question btw), I do not see it running through the hair in unbroken fashion as would be on a coin produced from a die gouge where many coins could have been struck from the same die marriage resulting in it being a variety that got attributed, so I would say it is a long linear plating bubble common on cents from the time period of 1982-1995. I also denote other less pronounced linear plating bubbles forming in the same parallel lines to the main one on your coin.

I did not find any "spiked head" confirmed variety for the year and mintmark of your coin which also leads me to believe it is merely a plating bubble and has no premium value.

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