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1923 & 1936 Buffalo Nickels
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I'm very new to coin collecting, I'm just curious about the community's opinion of these two coins. I'm curious about the rarity, possible sell value, and any other advice or comments anyone would like to add. If the photos are not up to par, please let me know. 

Thank you for your time. 

---Jon Smith 






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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Your photos will suffice to be able to give you information on your posted coins.

The 1936 had a mintage total of 118,997,000 and I would say with the amount of wear it would be in the VG range but also I note a long vertical scratch on the obverse which would most likely get the coin a details grade. It also has shine on the high details and more than likely was cleaned in the past. In VG, it's price guide value is about $2.50. There are two varieties of note on the 1936, a DDO and DDR, which command a premium, but I am not sure your coin falls into either. With the scratch and cleaning, a dealer probably would not even want to purchase it.

The 1923 had a mintage total of 35,715,000 and I would say with the amount of wear present on it, it would be in the low G range as the date numerals are starting to blend into the overall coin itself. The color looks normal for a Buffalo with that amount of wear on it. The current price guide value for a G grade is $3, and a dealer might offer you only $0.50, but probably once again would not want to purchase it from you due to the amount of wear on it.

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Welcome to the forum.

You have a nice pair of circulated nickels, with good, honest wear. Coins that could probably tell some interesting stories about where they had been and what they were used to purchased. You could probably get a couple of bucks for them if you put them on Ebay or elsewhere, but they could also be a good start to a nice collection of circulated nickels or 20th century type coins. Either way, Welcome to the world of coin collecting. :)

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Thank you, Bob, my Mom gave me a tin can of coins that belonged to my grandpa, so I've been going through them. there's about 5 more Buffalo Nickels (with no dates), several Mercury Dimes, and a few silver dollars 1971 and 1972. I'm having fun doing research on everything, it's nice to hear from avid collectors. 

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