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   A coin worth less than several hundred dollars isn't worth sending to a grading service!  Your common date Indian cents range in grade from Very Good to Very Fine, with January 2023 Coin World retail values ranging from $2 to $5 each. Dealers would pay about half that much for them if they want to buy them at all!  NGC would charge a grading fee of $23 per coin, plus a $10 per order processing fee, plus shipping and insurance. (For coins valued over $300 the grading fee goes up to $40.) You would also need a paid NGC membership.  PCGS has similar rates. ANACS is cheaper but still multiples of the retail value of the coins.

   You should invest your money in a current "Redbook", a grading guide, and a subscription to Coin World or a similar publication with a monthly price list, as described in the "Resources for New Collectors" topic to which I already gave you a link.  Coins like yours are best stored in albums (such as Whitman or Dansco), which are much more compact than grading service holders and provide adequate protection and an attractive display.

   FYI, here's a 1900 Indian cent graded MS 64 RB by PCGS--RB means it has a lot of original mint color--with a retail list value of $200 (your dates would be about $125). Even in this grade, it's probably not worth the grading fees! Photos are courtesy of Stacks Bowers Galleries.


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On 2/3/2023 at 12:55 PM, Errorfinder said:

Wow just found these ! Wondering if there worth getting graded?!amazing beautiful coins

No. No. No. No. These are ordinary Indian cents pulled from circulation long ago. They are worth about 30-cents each.

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