Graded and raw Lincoln Cents for sale (several toners, lots of proofs)
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Here's my current inventory. They are all Lincoln cents, but I also have a 1920 S Mercury dime and 1952 S Roosevelt dime on the way, which I'll go ahead and share below.

- PCGS 1954 S Lincoln Cent MS65BN toned (has TrueView, but it doesn't do the toning justice): $65

- PCGS 1958 Lincoln Cent PR66RD OGH: $25

- PCGS 1962 Lincoln Cent PR67BN toned (tough grade, these usually sell for $100+): $50

- PCGS 1920 S Mercury Dime AU details cleaned (key date, check out the TrueView. You can probably make profit on this one): $70

- PCGS 1952 S Roosevelt Dime MS67 toned (has TrueView): $40

- Raw 1936 D Lincoln Cent BN toned (very attractive reverse): $12

- 2x raw 1941 D Lincoln Cents BN toned: $10 for the pair

- 1968 S Lincoln Cent proof target toned: $8

- 1971 S Lincoln Cent proof green toned: $8

- 1974 S Lincoln Cent proof purple toned reverse: $4

- 24x Memorial Cent proofs (on the way. If you need proof Lincoln Cents, shoot me a message and I'll let you know when they come in)

- Lot of 11 proof memorial cents (most have light toning, ask for photo): $15 

$4 tracked shipping

PayPal F&F only






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