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You've done your homework, no doubt about it, but what is the correlation between MS-62 and an OGH for a coin dated 1871? Why is it I have always thought OGH means straight out of the hopper and into a holder? "Third most common Seated Dollar," huh? Those are some mighty strong hands out there!  Looks like you are committed.  Maybe you ought to revise your handle now to "Seatedfan."  :roflmao:  Incidentally, while I am 100% behind your decision to act decisively, I do not like the coin.  I am by no means knowledgeable on this series, but thanks to viewers who've weighed in elsewhere on related threads, I do know where to look on the Seated Liberty model and do not like what I see.  I am somewhat rattled by the overall ambiguous surface presented by this----by definition----"wear-free" coin. 

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On 11/24/2022 at 7:39 PM, Sandon said:

....Based on the photos, it also appears to be somewhat "washed out" in appearance, which, along with the hairlines, suggests that the coin has been dipped and lightly wiped to remove toning, though not to an extent that a grading service would call it "cleaned".....

In the final analysis, the desirability of a coin is all a matter of individual taste that can't be dictated by the number on a grading service tag.


Now we're getting somewhere. You nailed it!  I do not relish the thought of critiquing any coin a member has invested a lot of time and effort in, particularly post-acquisition, but you have expressed my thoughts with accuracy and sensitivity. 

My own personal favorite piece never made it into any set registry so I wholeheartedly agree it all boils down to how a coin speaks to the individual collector.

As Archie Bunker would say, "You done good Walkerguy, you done good!"  (thumbsu


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