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On 11/14/2022 at 4:01 PM, Quintus Arrius said:

Alabama's centennial commemorative half dollar (1921) can be acquired for 1/10 the cost of the Hawaiin coin, but why?

Two reasons. Mintage and distribution. Virtually all Hawaiian Sesquicentennial half dollars were initially distributed IN HAWAII. That’s a REALLY long swim back to the mainland. 

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My picks (w/gratuitous editorial commentary)...

1-  Oregon Trail (Denver Mint only----(this pick will get me on @leeg's good side.)  :whistle:

2-  Pilgrim

3-  Texas


the 1936 Norfolk, VA is the most beautiful; the 1892-93 Columbian Expo is the first (and apparently cheapest); there is a, by far, the ugliest, but good manners prevent me from disclosing which. <Hint: Giant Beaver>.

The following are disqualified from the competition:

1900 General Lafayette

1936 Battle of Gettysburg

1936 L. I. Tercentenary

1937  Battle of Antietam

1952. Carver-Washington

(I don't care for the double-portraitures; honors should not be shared.  There is nothing especially esthetically pleasing to differentiate the others not listed, from the ones that are.) 

🐓 :  Whew!  I think we got in by a nose.

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The Texas Centennial Half Dollar won.  Final numbers are:

Texas - 8 

Pilgrim - 5 

Oregon Trail - 3 

Columbian – 3 

Gettysburg - 3 

Stone Mountain - 2 

San Diego – 2 

Illinois – 1 

Panama-Pacific - 1 

Antietam – 1 

Grant – 1 

New Rochelle – 1 

Maine – 1 

Lexington – 1 

Norse American - 1


I'll be starting the chapter soon.  Thanks very much all for your thoughts here!


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