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1899 Czar Nicholas II Gold Coin 10 Rubles

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What grade would you give this coin?

How much would a dealer pay me for this coin? 

There is a spot below the numeral 1 on the date that looks like a hole. But it must have been a fleck of something that was there temporarily when I took the photos, something I didn't notice at the time.

I am thanking you in advance for any analysis you give me about this coin.


heads 406.jpg

heads 651.jpg

heads 432.jpg

heads 704.jpg

tails 444.jpg

tails 449.jpg

tails 459 speck.jpg

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Presuming it is certified authentic, worn examples seen to retail in the neighborhood of US$600-650. Right now the gold in it is worth a little over US$400. I would not expect a dealer to pay more than that for a number of reasons, starting with the reality that gold sucks for dealers. People bringing it in expect to be kissed up to, and are distressed to find that the dealer doesn't want it very badly and won't pay much of a premium; might even be less than bullion. And if the dealer buys it, his customers also suck. They expect to be kissed up to--doesn't he realize they are Buying Gold With Big Bucks? and are shocked to find that asking for a 10% discount is in the realm of Not Happening, because the dealer is lucky to net $20 on a piece like this, which is well below the usual profitability threshold. It just isn't usually very good business for most of them and that has partly to do with the market and partly the customer base.

So in your case, if the dealer can get it for $400, that will work out for him but probably not for you. If you want notably more than that, he'll probably decline because it's often not a very good way to tie up numismatic capital. And that is exacerbated by the fluctuations of price, meaning that he might find himself with a piece he can only get $400 for by the time someone buys it. And thinks he should get $50 off, because, doesn't this dealer realize I Am Buying Gold With Big Bucks? It's fraught.

If it were me, I'd see about sending it in for grading and then auctioning it myself on Ebenezer. You'd get more money, probably, and the dealers and you would be happier. My guess it it comes back VF details, cleaned, which at least will give a buyer reason to be confident it's authentic (big problem on Ebenezer).

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From the photos it might be Fine; but, definition is poor and I suspect, as JKK mentioned, that it is an older fake.

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Not sure what an MS 5 Rubles coin has to do with the worn 10 Rubles coin the op is asking about, but the NGC price guide for a legit gold 1899 10R coin is $400 melt value below MS, and that coin does have considerable wear.


You can measure the coin and determine the SG to verify it's gold, or take it to a local dealer who may be able to determine that for you. Expect a dealer to offer a little less than melt value (weight x spot price) as they make their money by then selling it for a little more than melt (the price spread).

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On 10/20/2022 at 10:52 AM, josefbf said:

I actually went searching (Google) for an auction house named Ebenezer. Then it dawned on me, ffs.xD Thanks for the good advice.

Heh, sorry about that. Sometimes we go too deep with our own jargon. Good luck with your coin.

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On 10/19/2022 at 3:08 PM, GoldFinger1969 said:

I think mine is about 0.2 oz of gold.  Gold was about $1,600 when I got it at FUN and I believe I paid $500 or so.  

The Czar's image on your beautiful coin has very visible sideburns. So visible that the comparison with mine gave me high anxiety and sent me over to ebay right away looking for comparisons. The 10 ruble coins over there look much like mine, although I admit the sideburns are less pronounced on mine. 

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