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1800 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half Dime
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Astute readers may have caught the item, in a recent issue of CoinWeek, regarding the submission of the above coin. Here's the back story, [as I imagine it to be]...

Some 222 years after the fact, a collector of culls comes across the above coin in a battered old box in a non-descript coin shop, posts it on a thread, and gets ready for the onslaught: "It's holed!" "It's in deplorable condition!" "Yo, bro, you paid $2.00 for this?" "Submit it, FOR WHAT?" "Body bag city!" "Waste of time and money!"... and so on. 

Against all odds and contrary to prevailing expert numismatic advice, our intrepid cull-combing collector crosses his fingers and submits it quietly with his remittance... and waits.

VERDICT:  Authenticated and Certified!  

-newly-discovered variety!

-previously unknown die-marriage; 12th known in series!

-first new die-marriage in almost 30 years!

-only unique coin by die-marriage within the entire Bust Half Dime series!

"Logan McCloskey-5 (LM-5) with Obverse 3; Reverse C!"

There's even a punch-line here:  the coin "surpasses in rarity [all four other Logan-McCloskeys]" including the: "1801 LM-1 (five known, most with problems)" :roflmao:  (Emphasis mine.]  

Quite frankly, after viewing the photos accompanying the article, I cannot envision any coin with more problems than this one. What's your take?  [If someone can provide a link to the article published Oct. 13, 2022, it would be greatly appreciated.]

[Edit:  Member @Lem E was kind enough to provide a link, in the following post. Go take a quick look-see and judge for yourself. Be honest, gentle reader! Knowing what little you know about this series, would you have submitted it?]


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