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Profile #'s and Competitive Set(s) Count don't Match????

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Dear NGC Forum,

Finally got around to updating my "Competitive Sets". And I am noticing a discrepancy between what my profile states and the actual coin count.

The profile States:

2 Competitive Sets. (Correct).

27 Competitive Coins (Correct).

When I look at the individual sets, the numbers DON'T match the profile.

My MS-65 Morgan Dollar Set - 4 coins. - Correct.

My Proof 70 Silver American Eagles  - 23 coins - If I select "Filled", It only displays 8 coins.

Any Ideas or suggestions?

Thank You

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The registry team may be able to help you without further information, but for those of us that don't work for NGC it would help if you could link your sets so we can see if any problems are evident to us.   Absent any further information my guess is that you have duplicate dates/mm coins, duplicate coins will not fill slots but you will see a small circle with the number of coins that can be used for that single slot.   Another possibility is that you have coins that don't fit in the set you chose, an example might be proof coins that are not able to be used in an MS set or vice versa.

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