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A question of placement

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I went looking for my dollar type set - and clicked on "dollars" as the first place to look - but of course they were listed under "type".


Would it be possible to list the denomination sets under both the "type" and individual denomination section [ie: dollars in the dollar section, halves in the half section, etc] so they are easy to find? Seems to me that someone who's interested in seeing dollars would also like to see the dollar type set as well.

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Creeping featurism... That's what we programmers call all these small features that we are forced to put in with little gain in functionality. Too many of these and the code gets cluttered. Cluttering makes debugging and upgrades more difficult, and it may also slow down the system.


I don't see the big deal, and I prefer that we apply the KISS principle except under major situations.


Of course, this really is Arch's call.




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