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Variety plus Brazil Coins

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good morning how are you?  I have been sending coins from Brazil to be placed “variety plus”, some are placed, others are not, by the emails I received from the NGC attendants, this happens due to the desire of the NGC classifier to want to place it or not.  In the last answer I was told to consult the online file of the “variety plus” Brazil section, if it is listed, it will be placed in the slab, if it is not there, it will not be placed in the slab.  Well, you don't have all the Brazilian variants in your online collection, but your search source is the “Livro de coins brasileira (Rodrigo Maldonado), I always cite this book through “Variey Plus” and pay for it, but your classifiers seem being lazy people who don't bother to open the book and research.  I would like to suggest that you standardize this, put which Brazil specific catalog would be used to put the “Variety plus”, as with US coins, where you define default catalogs to search.


Please don't come up with a standard answer, I want a solution.  I'm tired of neglect.

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We use Maldonado (8th ed.) for post-Colonial Brazil and Gomes for the vast majority of Colonial Brazil.  We do basically everything listed in those reference works, but we do run into translation issues from time to time as the books are in Portuguese entirely.  This is especially true with Maldonado.  When someone pays for VP, and oftentimes even when they don't, graders and verifiers are pulling references works to attribute coins.  
In modern (post-1970) that department uses Maldonado #s as a guide to decide what varieties are eligible, but they do not use reference #'s to attribute them, only descriptions. 
In vintage, we try whenever possible to also describe the variety in addition to putting the Maldonado #, but we run into limitations when coins are details graded, customers ask for pedigrees or undertype recognition, etc.  Our label can only fit so many lines of text, and this is especially true for coins that receive no grades.
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