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ACG Document #4- A must read for everyone

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This document relates to how ACG coins were sold prior to Yahoo and eBay.

ACG employed telemarketers, primarily targeting elderly widows.


This letter is very sad, and I hope that the certain ACG apologists who

constantly rail on me about how much I hate ACG take a good look at this.

This is the reason I am so anti-ACG. I have known for some time about this

particular case, as well as others. And it goes on all the time now that

they use eBay and Yahoo to pawn their garbage.


Hey Al and Diane, how do you sleep at night knowing you are part and parcel

to this?


Donnan Statement

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That is extremely sad and upsetting. Is there anything any of us can do about this? Could the ANA create a trust to help such folks? I would be willing to donate coins for such an endeavor, as I view this as a black eye to our hobby. We must stand up and show that we are not like this, that the majority of collectors are good, descent hard working people. Thanks K6AZ for all the work you do in regard to ACG, but there are so many more "problem" people in our hobby, we must do more.


Now you got me fired up!

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ACG has done a major disservice to the coin business/hobby at large. While many have squabbled over the NGC/PCGS/ANACS grading inconsistencies, at least these companies-especially NGC-have backed up their grading with professionalism that has saved novice collectors like me thousands of dollars. I wish that those less fortunate could have found the message boards offered by the two major grading companies. Perhaps there should be a way to get the word out about collecting forums to potential "investors."





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