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Silver 1900 penny

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Although I've got a pretty good sized collection going everyone I talk to says this coin doesn't egsisted. I got it out of an old bank roll of coins I purchased at a flee market some years ago. I've had people try and steal it and even guys at the local coin shop try and get it for little to nothing. My friend owns a scrap metal yard and he used his gadget that tells you what type of material it is and it said mostly silver and nickel and alittle copper I think. Any ways if it's real couldn't it be worth alot? I've been asked if I made it as well. I'm afraid to send it because I don't know if it will be lost or just get taken. If it is what I think it is it's probobly one of a kind or something n I've got some 10000plus pennies. Please some help.. It weighs 3.03g



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  Agreed. The official weight for a newly minted bronze cent was 3.11 grams.  Your weight of 3.03 grams is consistent with that of a worn bronze cent.  There are rare Indian cents that were erroneously struck on silver dime planchets (blanks), whose official weight was 2.5 grams.  Not only is your coin too heavy for that, but such coins are undersized and usually struck off center with a "spread out" appearance due to the striking pressure squeezing the blank outward because it was smaller than the cent dies and not restrained by the collar that surrounds the dies.  The coin is also too "shiny" for a worn silver coin, indicating it was plated after the coin became worn.  It has no more than novelty value to any knowledgeable collector.  I don't think that people at your local coin shop were trying to cheat you.  They were trying to tell you the truth.

   You may have accumulated many "pennies"--formally, the U.S. mint issues cents, not pennies--but it's not clear you have much knowledge about coins.  If you would like to find resources from which you could obtain more knowledge and better evaluate your holdings, you might want to review the following article that I posted on this chat board:


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