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1966 and 2002 1 cent Canadian silver
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Hello everyone I’ve found those 2 coins and I’ve done some research and there isn’t any silver cents minted in those years 

are they 1 cent error struck on 10 cents????

and what value they could held if they’re actually errors 



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   I can't tell for sure from a photo, but these coins were likely plated or painted by someone after they left the mint.  I've seen a number of U.S. Lincoln cents and other copper coins to which this has been done.  From what I can see in the Standard Catalog of World Coins, all 1966 Canadian cents were struck in bronze, and all 2002s struck for circulation were copper plated steel.  There were 21,537 2002s struck in sterling (92.5%) silver and issued in sets only.  Your coin doesn't have the "look" of such a piece, and it's unlikely one would be found in circulation.  They appear to be the correct sizes for their respective years.  A cent struck on a dime planchet (blank) would be undersized and probably somewhat off center, without the perfectly round appearance with broad rims from the die collar.  You'd need an expert to check the weight and other characteristics of these coins to determine if they could be "off metal" strikes, but there's so little likelihood of success that I wouldn't risk the money to send these to NGC or some other third-party certification company.

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