Request for information on Mexican art medal (Angel Baron Sedano)
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   I'm an experienced collector of U.S. coins but don't know much about medals. An acquaintance who asked me to evaluate a few coins left to him by a relative included the medal whose photos appear below that apparently was struck in or after 1975 in memory of the founder of a Mexican numismatic and medalic society or movement (Angel Baron Sedano).  The medal is approximately 3 inches in diameter and based on its weight and look composed of silver. The reddish color in the photos is due to the lighting, and I had to take two photos of each side with my digital microscope due to the size of the medal.  Can anyone identify and provide an approximate valuation for this medal or give me a reference to a website or other source that would enable me to do so?  I appreciate any assistance any of you is able to provide.





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