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Well, it's official.......
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On 6/5/2022 at 6:32 PM, Walkerfan said:

I have the Seated Dollar BUG!




s-l1600 (56).jpg

s-l1600 (53).jpg

...doable as a set, depending on grade desired....relatively inexpensive as a "set" compared to some of the other seated sets....a few mountains to climb but only bout 4 that will make u cry....if u choose this journey good luck to u.....

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On 6/5/2022 at 6:49 PM, Coinbuf said:

Lovely example, hope that your wallet is up for the journey. ;)   I love the seated dollar series, but with so many examples that have been abused the good survivors are just too expensive for my budget.


On 6/6/2022 at 8:05 PM, zadok said:

...doable as a set, depending on grade desired....relatively inexpensive as a "set" compared to some of the other seated sets....a few mountains to climb but only bout 4 that will make u cry....if u choose this journey good luck to u.....

Thanks to you both.😊.

These become available, soooo infrequently, that it could take YEARS, in between purchases, so my wallet has time to recover.  These (in the grades that I like them) are actually a bit more affordable than early walkers were for me (in my optimal grade range).  And they are SOOOO MUCH SCARCER. 

I wasn't even in the market for this piece but I simply couldn't let this baby slip away.....She has an NGC Census of just 4/14!!!!!  That is almost NONEXISTANT!!  There is a single 62 example and soooo much MORE expensive in 63 & 64, where there are four each here at NGC.  Four 65s and ONE 66, here at NGC.  PCGS population number are NOT much better.  

As stated before, I have no intention of completing the set.  I'd be tickled with a nice Box of Twenty but that is a very LONG TERM goal.  I just try to buy nice ones, when I see them, and I have NO INTEREST in upgrades.  I like to cherry pick the lower mint state grade coins.

From PCGS CoinFacts (all credit goes to them):

"Circulated grades: Circulated Liberty Seated dollars dated 1868 are quite scarce, but because of the high mintage figure for this date they are nearly universally overlooked by the numismatic fraternity. Exceptions, of course, are Liberty Seated specialists who know full well that a nice VF, EF, or AU 1868 is an object of beauty and rarity.

Mint State grades: The year 1868 does not come to mind immediately when one thinks of rare coins in the Liberty Seated series, but a perusal of the data, including certification service population reports, indicates that it is indeed very rare, even if it is unappreciated and overlooked. Dealer specialist Chris Napolitano stated that an MS-61 coin was the finest circulation strike he could locate in six years of searching. (Conversation with the author, Central States Convention, April 30, 1992.)

Some high-grade pieces show unfinished areas within the lower right area of the shield. Most high-grade coins are prooflike."

"Distribution: Many if not most 1868 dollars were exported, accounting for the relative rarity of circulation strikes today.

In China, merchants accepted Liberty Seated dollars by weight, and at a discount compared to the heavier Mexican dollar, an old story which was repeated in Mint and commercial reports for many years (and which eventually led to the production of the heavier U.S. trade dollar in 1873).


In the Annual Report of the Director of the Mint, 1868, Dr. Henry Richard Linderman observed the following: (Linderman's information concerning dollars in China probably represented the situation in 1867, due to the length of time needed to communicate with that remote location.)

Our silver dollar is not received by the Chinese except at a discount. This is owing to the fact that while it is of equal fineness with the Spanish or Mexican dollar, it is about 1 % less in weight. This rejection seems to take away the last plea for continuing to coin this piece."

This old Walker guy has also noticed that 1868 Proofs are so much more common than true MS specimens.  A VAST majority of them (1868 specimens) wound up in the smelter.....  This accounts for their low pops and ABSOLUTE rarity in collector grades,

Just 52 known in ALL MS grades at BOTH major services combined.  

An additional 2 PLs known at NGC with NONE at PCGS (that I could find).  

Mintage is at 162,100.

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