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Gold 1855 Small Head Indian US Dollar

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While working on an old coin sorter that I purchased, I found several German pfennig coins and what I believe to be is a gold, 1855 Small Head Indian U.S. Dollar. I am curious about it's authenticity and potential value and whether or not I should have the coin insured. I am an ANA Gold Member and am considering sending the coin to NGC for grading, but first I would like to ask any of you volunteers what you think. I weighed it on a digital scale and it is the correct weight for this coin. Based on these pictures do you think this it is authentic? How much do you think its worth in this condition? Would you have it graded and if so, which tier and service would you select? Thanks for your time and consideration.

(Note: the pictures are the same coin, just at different angles with different lenses- hence the color variation. Most of the damage I believe is from getting stuck inside the coin sorter).













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Welcome to the forum.   The 1855 gold dollar was the second highest mintage for the type two gold dollar, as your coin is badly damaged there is (imo) no collector value.   As noted above the coin does retain its value in the form of the melt value of the gold which right now is around $89.50.   I suspect that you could find a buyer that would pay more than the basic melt value but not very much more if the buyer is knowledgeable about coins.

As the coin is damaged there would be no reason or benefit to pay and have NGC slab it.   That is a very cool find for sure just not one that you will be able to retire on. ;)

P.S. for future reference when you post photos of coins it is much easier for us to give advice when we have a photo of the full obv and reverse, photos of sections of the coin make it much more difficult to answer questions unless you have a specific question about a small area of the coin.

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This doppelganger is not for you, Dailywopper. Come to think of it, neither is it for anyone else for that matter. Its numismatic and educational value is zero and I seriously doubt it would be accepted for grade consideration. Feel free to place it in your toolbox or carry it in your pocket for good luck.  

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