1936 History Lesson: Commemoratives! But Not For Art's Sake
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A 1936 early commemorative I own:

1936 Cleveland Obv in MS-63 Combo.png

NGC MS-63. Pretty nice for a 63.

This history presented here are the thoughts of Charles M. Prager of the Baltimore Coin Club in 1936:

    Whatever the reason for increased affection toward U. S. commemorative half dollars (and we read that new collectors are springing up like mushrooms), it can hardly be the artistic merit of the series. No; it must be that the new addicts, like us 'old-timers,' are motivated by the sheer, childish mania for accumulating shiny playthings. Admires of art we emphatically are not!

More to follow

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@leeg I just got an interesting commemorative in the mail today. It’s the Eliasberg Pan Pac. It’s in a PCGS 64/CAC. The coin is appealing but clearly the eliasberg connection was neat. If you need any extra pics for your book let me know. 

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