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Hi Laura. I would start with posting coins on here. It’s a good way to get a lot of free opinions from some very knowledgeable people. 

The requested format is to include one coin per post. Post clear and well focused pictures of each side. Try to crop it so the coin fills the frame, but I can’t stress enough the importance of sharpness/clarity. With decent pictures you can get a great deal of information. 

Depending on the coinage we may ask for additional info such as diameter or weight, but we can cross that bridge if needed once we see the coins. 

Lastly be open to real feedback. The people here do love to see new collectors, and enjoy seeing people find something special. However, be prepared for the truth to be it’s nothing special. So many people have preconceived notions about the rarity/value that they refuse to be given accurate information. This group will tell you what it is, good or bad, factually. Just don’t get offended by facts, which shouldn’t need mentioning, but it does. 

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Welcome to the forum, everything Woods wrote is spot on, good photos will allow for good feedback.   An old saying, "garbage in garbage out" if we cannot see all the details in your photos there is no way for us to provide you with any meaningful information.

In answer to your question many people assign a minimum value that a coin would be worth before they feel it is worth getting appraised or graded.   However, sometimes people have coins graded for purely personal reasons like a family keepsake.   Getting coins appraised or sent for grading also really depends on what your goals for the coins are, selling, keeping, etc.

Also we do have a couple of grumpy old farts, they mean well but can come across as gruff.  Looking forward to seeing some of your collection.

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In addition to the valuable guidance above, please do remember to ask a question (or more questions) about each coin. You can't imagine how many people just post pics without letting anyone know what information they seek. The more you ask, the more we can help you.

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