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ANA releases decision RE ACG vs. Stuppler

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My apologies for not being able to post here while I was in Charlotte, I neglected to write down my password and take it with me. The ANA released the decision late yesterday. Here is a basic outline:


The ANA found that the "ANA can not condone ASA Accugrade grading

standards and believes that those standards can mislead the end

consumer with regard to the value of the numismatic item being

purchased". And that the Board "recognizes based upon the

information provided at the hearing as well as the opinions expressed

by many of the witnesses called, that a significantly larger percentage

of grading errors appear to be made by ASA Accugrade then by other

grading services"



The Board of Governors also stated: "We recognize and applaud Barry Stuppler's

passion for consumer protection and his efforts to insure that the numismatic

industry, including coin grading, does not take advantage of unknowledgeable

consumers." However, since the ANA found that he did not violate the Member

and Dealer Code of Ethics, he was very surprisesd that the ANA Board of

Governors did find that he violated the ANA Board Member Code of Ethics,

Section 13:


"A Board member shall maintain the highest standard of personal

conduct: promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within

the numismatic profession: and maintain loyalty to the Association"

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Great news. Do I understand from your post that his conduct was found exemplary as a member and dealer, but unacceptable as a board member?


BTW - What is your take on potential class action, based on the employee testimony of deception inside ACG?




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I think the Hagers are in a lot of trouble. One other thing, and I have the documents, is Alan Hager filed for bankruptcy in 2000, so he has no way to protect his assets.


I am posting a couple of documents from the hearing in a new thread, check them out.

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So Alan Hager filed for bankruptcy, while Diane held all their assets in her name. Typical bankruptcy fraud that happens all the time. One partner spends, spends, and spends, and amasses huge amounts of debt, then claims bankruptcy. This is completely ridiculous. These scum sucking frauds should be thrown in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think the decision sounds about what I thought it would be. However, the part where they "faulted" him is probably the politically correct thing they had to do. That is, they would have preferred he stayed more politically correct in dealing with ACG. In any case, I wonder what this decision's impact will be on other bottom feeder grading services like Numistrust?

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